About Me...

I am a fine artist who creates custom, high-quality paintings (oil and acrylic on stretched canvas) of people's favorite images in my unique style. As my current portfolio shows, I'm exploring high contrast, monochromatic and "posterized" stories that tries to communicate all essential elements of a picture in the simplest way possible. Up-close, they are intended to look abstract, yet - at viewing distance - the goal is to create an illusion of realism (i.e., you may need to step back from your screen a bit to appreciate the effect I'm trying to create). I also work in color, and I've included a few sample wall murals (under the GALLERIES tab) that I've recently completed as well.

Typically commissioned as special gifts, my works include:

  • Personalized Portraits: Capture the most special people in your life – including yourself – in a customized work of art. Portraits can be of individuals, couples, friends, families and even pets. Immortalize beloved formal sittings, spontaneous photographs and even favorite “selfies.”
  • Landmark Events: Commemorate important life events such as weddings, baptisms, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, anniversaries or milestone birthdays. An original oil painting is a special way to make a “house” more of a “home” through displaying significant memories of loved ones.
  • Media Rooms: Elevate your home theater and sport rooms through wall art capturing favorite movie scenes, celebrities, athletes, team logos or stadiums.
  • Boudoir Artistry: Do you want something to commemorate your passion for the human form? It could be an artistic expression of yourself, your lover, you and your partner, or any other person/people you want erotically captured on a special wall. As a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or ‘just because’ gift, I can eternalize whatever you think is sexy in either exquisite detail or as an abstraction only recognizable by “you and yours.” I celebrate diversity in sexual orientation, gender identity and alternative relationship structures. Let your imagination run wild, and my brush will follow....
  • Custom Murals: Nothing personalizes an area like a custom mural. Whether it's a singular focal point, an entire wall or a whole room, we can co-create a one-of-a-kind theme that will visually set your home or business space apart from any other.

Through a personalized process, we will collaboratively decide on the image, size, level of detail and volume you have in mind (the combination of which determines final pricing).

  • Content: This is completely up to you, and any subject can be made into a beautiful work of art (i.e., if it's legal, I can paint it for you).
  • Size: My most common canvases sizes are 16” x 20”, 24” x 24” and 24” x 36”, but I can work with many dimensions to fit your desired space and budget (see PRICING for a comprehensive list).
  • Detail: As evidenced in my galleries, I paint on a continuum of relative realism through abstraction. Understand that the more detail you want, the more time it takes for me to ensure your full satisfaction (which I guarantee to all Patrons). Similarly, abstracting an image to its basics can also be a rewarding challenge for me as an artist that requires additional time to conceptualize.
  • Volume: Some people commission pieces with the intent of giving re-prints to others. For example, I’ve been hired by parents who want an original painting of their family with the intent of gifting quality prints (canvas and/or photo) to relatives. The total volume of works you desire will affect the cost of the original and subsequent reproductions.
  • Resale: An image you commission may be of interest to others. For example, pricing decreases if you contract an original painting of a popular movie scene, athlete, celebrity, non-identifiable boudoir image etc., as others may want to buy a subsequent re-paintings or prints in the future (see AGREEMENT).

As the artist, I own the copyright to the pictures I paint. However, I respect people’s right to privacy and gladly afford anyone the legal ability to restrict me from using any personally identifiable images for marketing or resale through subsequent paintings or prints. Additionally, I never use any image forwarded to me for any reason other than the intended purpose (i.e., the creation of a personalized artwork exclusively limited to the Patron). More information about this is detailed in the contracting process (see AGREEMENT).

Because some people want to purchase my unrestricted work, they are available as prints at significantly reduced rates. Such paintings can be re-issued on a variety of materials including canvas, photo paper, metal, wood, glass, etc. at negotiable rates. Please see my SHOP for options, and feel free to contact me with special requests if your desired medium is not included in the pricing options.

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you enjoy my work, and I welcome both support and thoughtful critique. Please stop by my booth at an upcoming show (see APPEARANCES) - I'd love to meet you!

~ Deane M. Rabe


'Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise people to the divine.'  ~ Ludwig van Beethoven